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A robust process is one of the main ingredients required for the success of any business, especially b2b. A well-planned and timely executed lead nurturing process is must in converting a mere enquiry to a deal worth a million. Strategic Marketing Services’ Lead Nurturing manages a-to-z steps of making a lead to deal.


  • Select prospects based on your target market (Email list)
  • Send the First campaign to them
  • Qualify leads
  • If you already have list of leads ready for nurture, send to us
  • Study the activity of your leads on your website
  • Study the activities they did on the landing page after clicking on one or more links given in your previous emails
  • Engage them through email campaigns
  • Write and design the nurturing messages based on the observation made
  • Execute the campaign as per your preferred time.
  • Automate campaign timings based on previous campaign response
  • Track the response and create the report
  • Send for Tele-follow-up (on request)
  • Re-engage them till they are ready to make purchase and beyond
  • Manage unsubscribe requests
  • Manage list by removing false and old contacts
  • Benefits

  • Reach right audience
  • Convert opportunity to real revenue
  • Reach target audience with right and timely messages
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Prevent opportunities going to drain
  • Supply better and more, ready-to-buy leads to sales team
  • Save valuable time and effort of your sales team
  • Encourage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Improve sales volume
  • Increase revenue/ROI

    Email Marketing is a successful marketing medium for small, middle and big companies. The benefits of marketing digitally are incomparable and cannot be replaced. Have you utilized the power of email marketing to its fullest? Strategic Marketing Services’ Email Marketing comes in an irresistible package that can manage your online marketing from inception.


  • Get lists of your target audience with complete contact details
  • Manage in-house database (if any)
  • Segment list based on various demography
  • Write enticing message and design campaigns for various segments
  • Create newsletters and other promotional documents
  • Send Test Campaign and see the response
  • Make required changes in the message
  • Execute actual campaigns on pre-determined date and time
  • Analyze response with open and click through rates, bounce rates, etc
  • Create report with statistics
  • Remove unsubscribe and hard bounces
  • Create your brand's footprint on various social media websites
  • Benefits

    • Ease your online marketing
    • Get better quality leads
    • Keep your database accurate with regular cleansing
    • Better targeted campaigns
    • Get to know what works and what doesn't
    • Reach target faster digitally
    • Accelerate lead conversion rate
    • Reduce sales timing with red hot leads
    • Increase Sales
    • Improve ROI